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As Ba6 Botanicals’ Founder & Chief Formulator, Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Mom and Co-author of the Amazon International Bestseller Embracing Your Authentic Self, Certified Professional Coach (CoachU) and mentor to women over the past 25 years, I have such a love for helping women discover their true calling and letting go of the fears that keep their self-worth small and their dreams even smaller. I have walked in those painful shoes that so many women have, feeling frustrated and disappointed because the, so called, tried and true models weren’t so tried-and-true after all. I made the transforming decision to discard all the “new secrets” and “fast fixes” and tackle my life (and business) by going back to basics. Through diligence and purposeful persistence I turned around the energy draining frustrations into sustainable growth and, best of all, real connections. My gift is showing women how to create a vision and plan that aligns with their creative ideas to reach their dreams- and feel good in life.


You name it, I’ve probably made it! I create a line of of soft, natural baby clothes called Hampton Baby, became a professional chocolatier (Oh, I do love chocolate) and put my mad scientist hat on to create a line of all-natural and chemical-free body care products called Ba6 Botanicals. I’ve always loved creating and when my mind is set on something, well, it manifests in some way! As a observer, I see things in a unique way, and learn from them, to keep moving forward in a fresh and purposeful way. All ideas are possible when you find a way to carry them out and get in front of the right people.


I’m corporately reformed. I had a “real” job many years ago – Fortune 500, account executive, electronics and dealing with engineers. I couldn’t follow the rules of command – because I saw so many brilliant people that had so many unrealized ideas – and always told myself that I WILL have my own business so I don’t have to work for anyone. My first business (and one I still love) was as a marketing consultant and copywriter – I love crafting ideas into words that express a business. As an entrepreneur, I love working when I’m inspired (which may be at 3 am), I also love taking a break and watching a movie in the middle of the day if it’s meant to be! (Always in the name of inspiration!)


Yes, I am an introvert – and proud of it! When I was young I always wondered why I “didn’t fit in”, why quiet spaces were better than crowded areas, and why it was SO hard to “put myself out there”. I was an introvert in a world that wanted everyone to be extroverted! I really had to try to meet and talk to people. I wondered why I was so unique and different, and why no one else felt like I did. I learned how to be outgoing! And what a lesson! I became the leading lady in my life. Now, I’m able to teach women how to build a business, life life fully, be “out there” and be comfortable in their own skin as successful women!


I am a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) through CoachU. I’ve been working with people as a life coach since 2007.  I’ve been a philosopher and observer of life since I was 2! (Not a typo.) My gift, to go deeper into what makes you tick and what moves you forward to access your dreams and intentions with much more clarity. I’ve felt guided, since I can remember and began to ask the questions “what’s next” and “why am I here” when I was in 8th grade. I entered into the personal growth and development arena at age 14 (Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People was my first book on the subject.) I didn’t know how to embrace this until I was older. Once I uncovered the “gems” I began the journey of tapping into source, using visualization and trusting my intuition – and THAT is when my journey got interesting and when I discovered I could help people in their own journey.

Vision. Knowledge. Purpose.

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