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Ba6 Botanicals’ Founder & Chief Formulator, Entrepreneur, Mom and Co-author of the Amazon International Bestseller Embracing Your Authentic Self, Certified Professional Coach (CoachU) and mentor to women over the past 25 years.

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“If knowledge is power, imagination is influence and creativity has impact.”  ~ Christine Laureano


“Purpose – To do what it is you love with great intention.” ~ Christine Laureano


“What a ride!!! From a very confused, unhappy, frustrated multi-talented, educated professional, unemployed, with no clarity on what direction to take in life…I needed intervention big time! Then God sent me an angel in you as a coach. I have steadily transformed into a state of awareness of my purpose, what will make me happy, finding the true things that thrill me, finding my calling, exploring ways to achieve my dreams & purpose. Now, I am so clear & focused with what is meaningful in my life. I have just registered my business, scheduled to get training in my new found exciting career in 2 weeks~ The best is yet to come and I know I am wearing a perpetual smile on my face & a hop in my walk! I’m hopping my way to success…hmmm, sashay to success is more like me! With deepest gratitude, Christine! Love you, Angel!!!!”
“After listening to what seems like hundreds of tele-seminars, tele-summits, tele-series, blog talk radio programs, spiritual radio…. oh and the list goes on. Each having their own special touch, advice, guidance, direction, and in some cases sales pitch after sales pitch… I have to admit out of all the persons online that I have been privileged to receive information on and from, which was all well received as professional yet personal, spiritual and passionate that I truly enjoyed, was you. You don’t push the boundaries of having to spend now, but rather when ready… however offer educational tools to help keep up and help move forward when we decide we’re ready to delve into whatever the passion is that our heart desires. This makes you more an honorable decent caring true person who shows she is living her passion for the passion.”
“Christine delivers! I’ve been a solo professional for the past 10 years and decided just this year to make a major shift in my coaching business moving from professional organizing to wellness coaching for women over 45. After several false starts and spending time and money creating programs that didn’t attract clients, Christine showed me how authentically tapping into my unique soul purpose not only makes everything from programs to marketing fall beautifully into place, but gave me confidence.”

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